Water Tower

With a width of only 600mm, the new Bailey Water Tower takes up very, very little space. It can fit under eaves, along the side of a home, or be tucked away discreetly on site. The unique modular design allows additional storage to be added as needed in 1000 litre increments, meaning the storage capacities are limitless.

The Bailey Water Tower can also be supplied as a complete watering system for garden, toilet and laundry use. The system includes a submersible pump and rainwater/mains water changeover device that seamlessly changes from rainwater to mains water when rainwater runs out.

Saving, storing or retaining water has never been so stylish and easy. And because it’s a Bailey Tank, it measures up in every other way too.

Bailey Water Tower Water Tank

Slimline Water Tank Features

  • Designed to seamlessly blend in to modern urban homes.
  • Unique modular design means that additional storage can be added as needed in 1,000 litre increments.
  • Can be used for stormwater retention and detention.
  • Comes in a variety of colours.
  • Light weight and easy to install. Each 1,000 litre module weighs only 40KG.
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360 Degree Viewer


Light Grey / Slate Grey

Birch Grey / Beige

Mist Green / Heritage Green