Slimline Water Tanks

Bailey Slimline Water Tanks are high quality tanks will suit any type of house or dwelling, providing a distinctive and modern appearance with contemporary colourways in 11 fantastic colours to match the colour and style of your home.

Due to its narrow size (one of the narrowest tanks on the market) the Slimline Water Tank series can fit under eaves, behind the garage, at the side of the house or in areas where traditional tanks would take up too much valuable space. This means we can supply a tank for your every need.

Slimline Water Tank Features

  • 2,000 to 5,000 litre capacities in a choice of 11 colours.
  • Even the biggest Slimline Water Tank in the range can be manhandled into position.
  • Storm water retention/detention options..
  • Patent pending modular design. Application No 553607.
  • UV stabilized plastic for long life.


SKUBTSS2000 - Sustainable seriesBTSS3000 - Sustainable seriesBTS4000BTS5000
CAPACITY2,000 Litres3,000 Litres4,000 Litres5,000 Litres
HEIGHT (OVERALL)1800mm1800mm2100mm2100mm
OUTLET SIZE25mm25mm25mm25mm


An extremely tough but flexible type of plastic called polyethylene, which has been used in industry for liquid storage for many years.

Absolutley! Bailey Slimline tanks are the ideal solution for a above ground stormwater retention.

Yes. It’s just a matter of selecting a suitable location (ideally close to an existing downpipe), creating a firm level base, modifying the downpipe to enter the tank  and pipe an overflow back into the stormwater.

Over 20 years. All Bailey Tanks are UV stabilised to protect them from the sun and ensure long life.

Bailey Tanks are extremely strong and long-lasting. They won’t rot, crack or rust. And since they’re moulded in one piece, there are no joints or weak points where leaks could occur. In addition, the colour is permanently moulded in, so your Bailey Tank will stay looking great.

Auckland Council provides an online ‘Do I need a consent tool’ for rainwater tanks to identify if a building and/or resource consent is required. For further questions Auckland Council can be contacted on help Aucklanders through the consenting process .

Easy! Either find the tank you are looking for on this website and buy online, or call us on 0800 861 333 and tell us about your requirements.