Our history

Bailey Tanks is a New Zealand owned company established in 1973 by Ian Bailey. Ian was a pioneer of the plastic industry in New Zealand and led the way in adopting new machinery and technology.
Bailey Tanks originally focused on designing and manufacturing containers for the transport and storage of Dangerous Goods. Today, we are still one of the leading manufactures of IBCs (Intermediary Bulk Containers) in New Zealand.

The Launch of Water Tanks
In 1976 Bailey Tanks used the experience gained from making chemical storage containers to produce a range of heavy-duty water storage tanks. The first Bailey Water Tank produced was the BT 900. Today we manufacture a huge variety of water tanks, ranging in size from 425 to 30,000 litres, Slimline storage tanks and storm water detention tanks.
Over the past few years Bailey Tanks has diversified again, seeing the clear need to take on a more customer focused view and provide a “one stop shop”. Now, Bailey Tanks can offer domestic and agricultural customers products such as pumps, fittings, pipe, filter systems and valves. Bailey Tanks has taken care to align itself with reputable, reliable suppliers that have proven quality records. This is to ensure that whatever product you buy from Bailey Tanks you can buy with total confidence.

Expansion in the South Island
In 1999 Bailey Tanks setup a purpose built factory in Christchurch to manufacture water tanks for the South Island market. Now Bailey Tanks is the dominant name in water tanks in the South Island.

South Auckland Head Office
In 2004 Bailey Tanks moved from West Auckland to its flagship Manukau premises where we have been able to expand our product range and output, as well as install a research and development centre.

Bailey Tanks is now Bailey
Because we manufacture and sell far more than just tanks, in 2015 we removed ‘Tanks’ from our company name and we are now just known as Bailey.

Company Focus
Bailey’s mission statement since day one has been to “produce the highest quality product possible” and “to provide the best possible level of service to our customers”.

In the last 40 plus years Baileys has produced excellent quality products which we are extremely proud of, but we have also continued to strive to improve our product by investing in research and development. This has allowed us to extend our range of water management products to include the Slimline tank range and the SUBs range of underground tanks.

The future of Baileys is an exciting one. We will be continuing to expand our offshore markets and will put even greater effort into developing products that care for the environment.