SN8 & SN16 Civil Bazooka Pipe

Your latest weapon against stormwater and waste water. Made in NZ from PP and available in sizes from DN225 to DN450

Blowing traditional Pipes out of the water

Bazooka pipe ticks all the boxes. It’s tough, lightweight and incredibly quick and cost effective to install. Bazooka is a twin-wall, corrugated, polypropylene (PP) pipe for nonpressure stormwater and sewer pipelines. This tough no-nonsense polypropylene pipe is available in diameters from 225mm to 450mm and stifness ratings of SN8 and SN16.

Made in NZ

Manufactured in NZ using state of the art co-extrusion technology, BAZOOKA is produced with a smooth inner wall for superior hydraulic performance and a corrugated outer wall for high stiffness.


SN8 & SN16 Bazooka is independently certified to the AS/NZS 5065:2005 standard for Polyethylene and Polypropylene pipes and fittings for drainage and sewerage applications. Licence No: 2758

Since 1973

With nearly 50 years in the business our customers can trust a Bailey with their most precious resource.


Over the past decade we’ve innovated tirelessly to develop products that truly add value to asset owners and installers. The result is a range that is innovative, economic and environmentally friendly.

Precision moulded socket for a water tight seal

The unique injection moulded socket preinstalled on each length of pipe means joining pipes is a straight forward process and no additional connectors are required. Additionally BAZOOKA is flexible and has the ability to cope with soil movement and external loading from vehicle traffic without cracking. More forgiving than rigid pipes, BAZOOKA can deform without structural damage and provides designers and installers insurance for operational conditions.

Strong & impact resistant

By combining the strength and toughness of advanced polypropylene materials with the structured wall design, BAZOOKA provides an environmentally friendly, cost-effective alternative to traditional materials such as concrete. Tough polypropylene corrugated outer wall provides strength, while the smooth inner wall provides superior hydraulic flow. BAZOOKA is impact resistant meaning less damage is likely while unloading, storing or moving pipe onsite.



ID: 435mm

OD: 500mm

Length: 6m

SN Rating: 8,16


ID: 373mm

OD: 425mm

Length: 6m

SN Rating: 8,16


ID: 297mm

OD: 344mm

Length: 6m

SN Rating: 8,16


ID: 224mm

OD: 260mm

Length: 6m

SN Rating: 8,16


Like every Bailey product, Bazooka was designed with the environment in mind. Bazooka is substantially lighter than traditional concrete pipes meaning smaller delivery trucks and smaller equipment onsite is required. Add to that Bazooka’s ease of recycling at the end of life and you have a solution that is truly environmentally friendly. 


Frequently asked questions

No. The service is completely free.

We will use the recycled tank to produce non potable products such as bins, pump covers, manholes and wingwalls.

Yes. We will recycle any brand of plastic tank.

No. We require the tanks to be cut up as it is not safe to transport old tanks.

If you are not experienced and confident using a saber saw ask a builder if they can cut the tank up for you.

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SN8 & SN16 Civil Bazooka Pipe

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