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At Bailey Tanks we’ve been making water tanks for nearly 50 years and as good as our tanks are, some of our very early tanks will be nearing the end of their life.

In 2021 as a commitment to the circular economy of plastic we launched the water tank recycling project.

Our goal is to recycle old water tanks into non potable moulded products .

Cut up

Call up


We’ve made it easy. If you have a plastic water tank that is at the end of its life, carefully cut it up into one meter square sections, call us up (0800 BAILEY) and we’ll come and collect.

Frequently asked questions

No. The service is completely free.

We will use the recycled tank to produce non potable products such as bins, pump covers, manholes and wingwalls.

Yes. We will recycle any brand of plastic tank.

No. We require the tanks to be cut up as it is not safe to transport old tanks.

If you are not experienced and confident using a saber saw ask a builder if they can cut the tank up for you.

Easy. Just call us on 0800 BAILEY (0800 224 539)