Sustainability and environment

Being in business for over 40 years, with much of that time being focused on the rural sector, we at Baileys are very much aware of the importance of preserving a clean, green New Zealand.

As a manufacturer we are constantly looking at ways of being more energy efficient and eliminating waste. Not just in the manufacturing process but also in how we run our offices and operate our fleet of delivery trucks. Having the latest computer controlled technology in our factories allows us minimize waste to a large degree. And what little waste is produced can be recycled.

Our fleet of trucks is constantly being upgraded. The latest additions to the fleet are bigger, more fuel efficient and can carry larger payloads. All our packaging is recyclable.

But what really makes Bailey a standout company when it comes to sustainability, is our products. All our tanks, bins and pipes are made from polyethylene plastic which is incredibly long lasting. Our water tanks have a service life of 40+ years, our civil drainage products have a service life of 50+ years. And at the end of that, they can be easily recycled and used again, and again.