Product Quality

One of the major advantages Baileys has over most of our competitors is the fact we’ve been in business for over 40 years. So when we say our products will last a long time, we have absolute proof of that. And as manufacturing has come a long way in that time, it gives us even greater confidence in the durability of our current products.

There are a number of factors which make Bailey products better.

  • All our raw material (polyethylene pellets) is sourced either from Australia or the USA. The strict regulations in both those countries means that we can be absolutely sure we are getting unadulterated, virgin material. This is vitally important for tanks storing drinking water.
  • Our manufacturing plants use the latest technology. Computer controlled moulding machinery produces polyethylene plastic that is precise to within fractions of a millimeter for faultless results time after time. Bailey water tanks are produced from a single mould. There are no seams that could rupture or leak.
  • Our highly-trained staff take great pride in their work. No product leaves the factory until it has undergone numerous quality control checks.
  • Baileys has invested heavily in Research and Development. Each tank is rigorously strength tested before going to market. Core samples are taken from each tank, frozen to minus 40 degrees Celsius, then impact tested.
  • Bailey tanks meet all the required New Zealand and Australian Standards.